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Fees & Services

Pinellas County Florida Property Management and Tenant Placement Fees and Services

At Professional, we offer two services to landlords, a tenant placement service and full property management service. Please note that our full management package includes the tenant placement. Both services are the same up until the signing of the lease. With both services we will:

  • Market your property with all available resources including:
    • Placement in MLS (Multiple Listing Service); we co-broker with other Realtors at no additional fee to you.
    • Through MLS our rental inventory goes to, Trulia, Zillo, and all other nationwide web sites that pull data from MLS. We also display your property on our own websites including
    • Craigslist and social media advertising including Facebook
    • We place our distinctive full panel yard signs.
    • In addition, because of our longevity in the business, our standing in the local community due to our philanthropic and community activities, and our constant advertising, we generate hundreds of calls per week from prospective tenants.
  • Show your property to prospective tenants.
  • Screen all applicants with a credit check and criminal background check as well as verifying all rental references and employment history.
  • Lease preparation using lease documents and addendum made by the Florida BAR and approved by the Supreme Court.

The fee for our tenant placement service is the first month's rent. The lease would instruct the tenants to pay you directly after the first months rent and to call you for any maintenance requests. You would be responsible for holding the security deposit in accordance with Florida State law.

If we manage the property we also:

  • Hold the security deposit in accordance with State law.
  • Take a photographic record of the move-in condition of your property
  • Collect the rent on a monthly basis and send you a monthly statement and check for your proceeds (all accounting is done in-house so turn around time is fast)
  • Periodically inspect the property
  • Handle maintenance requests using licensed and insured repair people
  • Enforce terms of lease
  • Inspect the property upon move out and handle deposit claims or refunds
  • Handle and disburse all funds in accordance with Federal and State law
  • Issue 1099 forms for Federal tax compliance

The fee for full management is 12% per month plus a $250 placement fee. Both services are inclusive; you do not pay any additional fees for marketing or lease preparation. There are no upfront fees; we do not take any fees until your property is rented. If you have any further questions or would like us to send you a brochure or more information, please do not hesitate to call. You will find a PDF file of our property management brochure here.

Our fee for full management on currently occupied properties is 10% per month. This rate would increase to 12% plus $250, as the units turned over.

Multiple property discounts available.

Do the math and you’ll see why we’re proud to say “We Manage More For Less.”

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.